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Mistakes every article writer should avoid

Writers should observe the mistakes that fellow writers make, and learn from them. Humility is a major requirement in the writing field, as even experienced writers should at times learn from the mistakes that newbies do.

One big mistake is assuming that readers will automatically love your work, maybe because your previous work was amazing. Such kind of an assumption can make you write a poor article. Even those who have once had bestsellers can fall into this trap. You should always have your readers in mind whenever you are writing. Keep delivering what they want, not what you believe they should want.

You should learn to accept different types of comments. Take note of the negative feedback, but do not let it bring you down. On the other hand, positive comments or appraisals should not make burst with pride. The way you handle yourself, like through your online presence, will reveal to your reader what kind of person you are; keep in mind that a bad image is not good for your writing career.

Research is an important aspect of content writing. Look for as much information on the topic as possible. You can either use the library or the internet. Failure to do so will result in you, leaving an article hanging midway because you lack something to write.

Do not give up during the early stages. At this point, there may be so many things that you are doing wrong, and hence, a lot of criticism. Do not despair when your article is rejected by a blogger, or when it is sent back for revision a couple of times. Many people have dropped their writing careers because of such cases, as they deem themselves not worthy. Be persistent in what you do, and it will eventually pay off.

Ignoring the competition is a fatal mistake. Most writers do this because of the fear of copy-pasting another writer’s work. However, it is important to go through what others have written so that you can find new angles to work on, rather than using the same style and keywords that have been used repeatedly.

When writing a headline, be sure to select one that immediately grabs the attention of the reader. Your content, no matter its depth, can be easily overlooked if the topic you choose is not catchy. On the other head, you should not deceive your audience with an amazing title, followed by an article that does not live up to its title. Your audience will poorly rate your work, and/or avoid reading what you write in the future, for fear of being deceived again.

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